To Shine Like a Star

Muslim are like a star, stars that shine on the face of the earth. Stars that give peoples' hopes alive. Stars that will lead the way when others feel they have lost their sense of direction. Therefore, we as Musilm are caliphate. The caliph of the Ummahs.
''Ummah" that has variety of meanings which in our understanding it means the unity of every single human beings even though there are lot of peoples who has different backgrounds, races and religions but still uniting together as one.
Muslims used to be the reference point, used to be the pioneer in everything. We set the world in our order, We lead the people to do righteous deeds and urge people to have strong faith in what ever their doings, hope to get the blessing from Him. It is our hope to others will follow the path of truths, the path of Islam, the path of God that has been set systematically and orderly. Like in the book of Torah, Bible and Al Quran, God has given them signs and orders, so that people will carry out their purpose and objective.
Allah SWT said in His Book, Al-Qur'anul Kareem;
"And He is the One who made the stars to guide you during the darkness, on land and on sea. We thus clarify the revelations for people who know."
( Surah al-An'am verse 971 )
Verily He has made stars for people as guidance, thou that should lead them to the right path. As stated in the Qur'an, the words that Allah brings down to us are no ordinary words but that will lead us to be the star, shining through out the world. To shine like a star is to shine like a Muslim.
Stars are most beautiful when they shine together,
illuminating the world with their light.
As such, is the beauty of Allah the Creator.
To shine like a star, our first requirement is to fulfill all obligatory and His commands. By implementing that to our physical and spiritual needs, we will shine brighter than the star. He will let us stand out among others. It is our hope that Muslims around the world learns much knowledge as possible By His will, you will be the guidance for people who are astray and to lead them onto the right path of Islam in this dunya and the hereafter.
Even though star can dried out and die, but not to worry, once a star died, new stars are born every year. Not just one star but millions!. Muslim should be like that, if one brightest Muslim dies, they are million of them that can be replace.
Let us be the symbol to those who are astray, be a symbol which has humbleness, sincerity, and forgiveness installed in our heart and soul. A symbol which not to be adored but to follow. Let us shine the light for them to follow the true path.

The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance ~